FRIDAY 12/09/16

Warm Up:
30 cal Row or Airdyne
3rds Of:
10x Push Ups
5x Broad Jumps
10x Ring Rows
5x Toes 2 Bar
A) Strict Press Super Sets
5@40% 5@50% 3@60%
5@65% 5@75% 5+@85%
* 5x Bent Over DB rows/arm b/t each set of Presses
B) 20 min EMOM:
1st: Double Shuttle Sprint (1/2-full-1/2-full)
2nd: 20x Abmat Sit-Ups
3rd: 3x Strict HSPU
*scale to wall climbs
4th: 40 sec. Max Reps DB Push Press (35/20)

C) 2 Sets Of:
30 sec Weighted Plank
*Rest 2 min b/t attempts
D) Cool Down
3 min Slow Row
1 min/side Banded Shoulder distraction