FRIDAY 11/23/18

**WE WILL HAVE LIMITED CLASSES ON FRIDAY @ 7am, 9am, and 4pm ONLY. There is no scheduled childcare provider today. IF you bring your kids, they must be capable of conducting themselves unsupervised and in a respectful and responsible manner.

A) Deadlift
[email protected] 40% [email protected]% [email protected]%
[email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]%
*Rest ~ 2 min b/t working sets
*All sets should be +10lbs heavier than cycle 1/week 1

B) “Black Friday”
20—>2 Cal On Rower (Decrease by 2 each round)
10—>1 Front Squats @ 50% Body Weight (Decrease by 1 each round)