Friday 11-9

warm up
run 2 easy laps
spend 2min/leg in a deep lunge working out hip tightness
5x air squats with a 1min hold in the bottom position

spend 10min working double unders using 1 of the following protocols(a is most advanced, d is for beginners)
a. 20 reps EMOM
b. accumulate 150 du sets broken as needed
c. alternating du’s and su’s for sets of 10
d. work on getting single du’s or stringing together 2 or 3 at a time

front squats
2×5 to warm up then 3×5 work sets. again, you should increase weight each set and the last set should NOT be a max. you should feel as though you could complete 8-10 reps in the last set.

3 rounds for time
run 400m
20 burpees

functional fitness
3x400m runs
rest 1:1

standing hamstring
death stretch
wall straddle