Friday 11-16

warm up
run 2 easy laps
shoulder prep from the board

3×5 pull ups(either negatives, kipping, strict or weighted depending on your ability. 1min rest between sets.

Shoulder Press 3×5 adding weight each set. If you did these last week aim for 5lbs heavier in your last set. If this is your first press in the cycle, the last set should leave you feeling like you could do 3-4 more reps.

10 min AMRAP
complete this carrying a plate(45/25) which may only be set down between rounds. if you must set it down, or drop it, do 5 burpees right then.
run 100m
10 OH squats
10 box step ups(20/16)
10 OH walking lunges

functional fitness
10min AMRAP carrying 2 dumbells
run 100m
10 squats
10 box step ups(20/16)
10 walking lunges
on the squats and lunges the DBs do NOT get held overhead. no penalty for setting down the DBs.

arm overhead with distraction and external rotation
scalene stretch
death stretch