FRIDAY 1/31/2020

A) Deadlift (C1/W3)
warm up sets: [email protected] 40% [email protected]% [email protected]%
working sets: [email protected] 75% [email protected]% [email protected]%
*Rest ~2 minutes b/t working sets
*Last set is AMRAP. Record load used and reps accomplished

B) 3 Sets, No Time Component:
5/Leg x Bulgarian Split Squats
20x Banded Hammy Curls

C) For Time:
20—>2 x Russian Kb Swings (70/53)
2—>20 x UNBROKEN Double Unders
*Dubs must be completed w/o error to move on to next round
*Single Unders are 3:1 and same rule applies