Friday 1-25

warm up
run 2 laps

5 ring rows
5 back extensions
5 ring push ups

Banded Deadlifts- please watch the video!
Every 30 seconds for 5:00 minutes (22 total reps):
2 Banded Deadlifts @ 60% + Band
Notes: Purple Band for DL up to 200#, Red Band for DL up to 300#, Blue Band for DL above 300#. If you do not have a 1RM, Just practice doing the lift. Pick a weight and use it the whole time.

Load the bar with 60% of your 1RM DL, then use the appropriate band set up like in the video. The idea is to pull the deadlift as FAST as possible!


5 rounds for total reps of-
2 minute AMRAP of:
30 Split Jumps (alternating)
20 Ab-Mat Sit-ups
15 HR Push-ups
1 minute rest after each 2 minute AMRAP.

functional fitness
These workouts are for everyone.