Friday 2/5/16

A. 3 Sets Of:
5x Strict Press (65,70,75% of 1RM)
*Rest 2 min. b/t sets*

B. Partner Metcon
In teams of 2, complete 5 carries each for max distance on the rower:
Partner A: 200M Farmers Carry (53/35)
Partner B: Rows for Distance

Thursday 2/4/16

A. 12 Min. EMOM:
1st: 5/leg x Bulgarian Split Squat
2nd: M.E. L-Sit Hold *No greater than 40 sec.*
3rd: 3x Handstand Push Ups

B. 3k Row
*No Great Than 2:10/500m pace for men OR 2:30/500m pace for women*

C. Tabata
Abmat Sit-Ups

Wednesday 2/3/16

A. E3MOM for 15 min. (5 Sets)
1x Power Clean + 3x Front Squat + 1x Push Jerk + 1x Split Jerk
*Add weight each set as appropriate*

B. For Time:
10-1 x Man Makers
10-100 x Double Unders
* first movement is a cascade, second is an ascent by 10’s*

Tuesday 2/2/16

A. 15 min. EMOM
1x Power Snatch (~65-70%)
1x Squat Snatch

B. For Time:
25x No Jump Burpees
25x Power Cleans (135/95)
25x No Jump Burpees
*Complete 7x WallBalls at the top of each minute for the duration of the workout*

C. Cool Down
300m walk + Athlete’s choice stretching w/ remaining time

Monday 2/1/16

A. 12 min. EMOM (6 sets)
ODD: 3-6 reps x O.H. Squat
EVEN: 3-6 reps x C2B Pull Ups

B. 18 min. AMRAP
15x Box Jumps (24″/20″)
12x Shoulder 2 O.H. (115/75)
9x Toes 2 Bar

C. 2 Sets of:
60 sec./side x Pigeon Stretch
60 sec. x 3 position Death Stretch

Saturday 1/30/16

A. CF Classic Dynamic Warm Up

B. Handstand Holds
4 attempts for max accumulative time

C. Battle WITH the sexes:
5 Rounds Each, For Time (male/female teams)
21x O.H. Walking Lunge w/ medball (20/14)
15x Medball Cleans
9x Ball Over Burpees

Thursday 1/28/16

A. Quality Warm Up
30 sec. side x Sampson Stretch
60 sec. side x Death Stretch
30/30 x High/Low Plank Hold
60 sec. side x Pigeon Stretch
10 x Reverse & Weighted Snow Angels

B.4 Rounds ( Against 10 min clock each)
Row 400m
Run 300m
100 x Double Unders

Wednesday 1/27/16

A. Push Press
4 sets of 12 reps (35/40/45/50%)
*rest 90 sec. b/t sets

B. Push Ups
3 sets of 20 reps
*rest 90 sec. b/t sets

C. For Time (14 min time cap)
50 x walking lunge steps
25x BB push press (45/35)
50x wall balls (20/14)
25x NJ burpees
50x double unders

Tuesday 1/26/16

A. Turkish Get-Ups:
5 sets of 1 rep per arm (~85%)

B. Metcon Chipper:
Run 800m
*rest 2 min.
9x Power Clean (115/85)
9x Thrusters
6x C2B pull-ups
6x Power Clean
6x Thrusters
4x C2B Pull-ups
3x Power Cleans
3x Thrusters
2x C2B Pull-ups
*rest 4 min.
Run 800 m