SATURDAY 12/10/16

Warm Up:
1 Gym Length Each:
Toy Soldiers – Kossacks Squats
Karaoke – Lateral Frog Hops (right)
High Knees – Lateral Frog Hops (left)
Butt Kickers – Power Skips
2rds of:
30 sec Dead Hang
30 sec Plank
A) 2 Sets of:
40m Prowler Sprint A.H.A.P.(20m out- 20m back)
Max Unbroken reps Push Ups
*Rest 2 min b/t supersets
B) “Pet Rock”
In teams of 2, Each team has a “pet rock” (35/25 KB)
One person works while the other person holds the pet rock in the front racked/goblet position.
5rds each for time;
200m Run
12x Jumping Air Squats
9x Diamond Push-ups
6x C2B Pull-Ups
200m Run
*5x Burpee Penalty if the pet rock touches the ground at any time during the workout. +5 burpees for each additional offense. (5-10-15-etc.)
C) CoolDown
Athlete’s Choice

FRIDAY 12/09/16

Warm Up:
30 cal Row or Airdyne
3rds Of:
10x Push Ups
5x Broad Jumps
10x Ring Rows
5x Toes 2 Bar
A) Strict Press Super Sets
[email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]%
[email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]%
* 5x Bent Over DB rows/arm b/t each set of Presses
B) 20 min EMOM:
1st: Double Shuttle Sprint (1/2-full-1/2-full)
2nd: 20x Abmat Sit-Ups
3rd: 3x Strict HSPU
*scale to wall climbs
4th: 40 sec. Max Reps DB Push Press (35/20)

C) 2 Sets Of:
30 sec Weighted Plank
*Rest 2 min b/t attempts
D) Cool Down
3 min Slow Row
1 min/side Banded Shoulder distraction

Saturday 2/27/16

A: 7 Sets of:
2x Back Squat @ 80%
*rest 2 min b/t sets*

B: In teams of 2, with only one partner working at a time:
2x 200m medball run (20/14) {1 run each}
30-25-20-15-10 (each)
Sprawl Balls
Russian KB swings (53/35)
Medball Sit-ups
2x 200m Medball run (20/14) {1 each}

Thursday 2/25/16

A: 4 sets of:
40m Prowler Sprint @ BW (20m down-20m back)

B:4 sets of 4min AMRAP:
1] 400m run
Max Reps of: Wallballs (20/14)
*rest 4 min
2] 500m Row
Max Reps of: Slamballs
*rest 4 min
3] .6 Mile Airdyne
Max Reps of: Medball OH lunges
*rest 4 min
4] 100 Double Unders
Max Reps of: H.R. Push Ups

Tuesday 2/23/16

A: 16 min Bench Press EMOM:
1st 4 min: 2 @ 75%
2nd 4 min: 1 @ 85%
3rd 4 min: 1 @ 90%
4th 4 min: 2 @ 80%

B: Against a 10 min running clock:
Clean&Jerk (135/95)
Toes 2 Bar
* with remaining time on clock
Perform max reps of Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)