XFA-Crossfit Allegiance Grand Opening

Our great friend Lu and owner of XFA has moved her gym to a huge, beautiful new location and is hosting a grand opening Saturday, May 22nd

Crossfit GP will be heading over to the grand opening instead of holding our typical 9am class.  If you would like to come please RSVP to comments ASAP so I can get a head count to Lu!  

Crossfitgp goes to Regionals

As many of you know, there will be 8 people from CrossfitGP competing in the Regional qualifier in Seattle this weekend.  All of the trainers are involved in this event and therefore we will need to cancel a few classes.

NO CLASSES:  Thurs. 5 or6pm, Friday 3pm or 5:30 pm, Sat. 9am.


“Angie”  (without pull-ups)

100 push-ups

100 sit-ups

100 squats

for time (scale reps if necessary)

post time to comments.


4 x 400m runs (2 laps around the highschool track)

rest 2min between each 400

post times for each 400 to comments


100 burpees for time

scale reps if necessary, post time to comments


play with jump roping, take your kids to the park and practice pull-ups on all available bars, hike, run, bike, have fun and we’ll see you on Monday!


WOD:  21-18-15-12-9-6-3

Cleans ( 115#/ 75#)
GHD sit-ups
GHD back ext.

Challenge:  to be done before workout
Try for:  unassisted handstand or
a full handstand push-up or
a handstand push-up on parallettes

Post time and successes with handstands to comments.

Micheal P. Murphy


WOD:  “Annie”


Challenge:  Before WOD

Complete 50 Russian Lunges with a 25# plate for men
15# for women.  Scale to less weight if necessary.  A
Russian Lunge is a lunge with a torso twist toward the front leg
holding weight at chest level.  You can do these with dumbbells
as well.  Focus on form more than speed.

Post Annie time and feelings about Russian Lunges to Comments.


First and Foremost:  Becky finished 5th overall at the sectionals and Chris finished 6th!   CrossfitGP was represented well, indeed.   Way to go both of you.

WOD:  3 rounds for x

10 DL’s ( 315/185)

20 Ring Dips

30 box jumps (24″)

Scale:  weight on DL’s

banded ring dips or feet on ground

height on box jumps

Post time and props for Chris and Becky in comments:)

Crossfit GP goes to Sectionals…

Chris and Becky will soon be on their way up to Portland to compete in the Crossfit Sectionals this weekend.  I started to think about how the majority of the general public would not have the slightest clue or care as to what a Crossfit Sectional entails.  Our little community of Crossfitters as well as the little pockets of Crossfit communities growing rapidly around the world have quite a different view entirely.  I realized that this is a culmination of so many things for so many different kinds of people.  For Chris and Becky it represents loads of work completed faithfully.  Mental battles.  Physical battles.  Emotional and spiritual battles.  At the risk of getting a little sappy, I just want to communicate to Chris and Becky as well as our whole Crossfit community how consistently inspired I am by people like Chris and Becky.  Not because of their awesome abilities with the 10 general physical skills, or their physique or beautiful clean and jerks.  I am inspired that they continue, day after day, to lead the rest of us to something much greater than ourselves.  Your example inspires change in people.  It has inspired change in me.  I see other people in our gym changing.  Their lives are changing in a profound way and yet you both are the best example of humility in our gym.  You never make it about you and therefore others are able to see clearly that it is not about you and it gives every one of us the freedom to work in our own capacities and feel good about our work, to process through failures, to share great successes.  As you stand at the competition this weekend, I hope you both will remember these things, stand tall, let your CrossfitGP shirts be seen and SHINE BRIGHTLY.  You are loved and we are with you!