August 6th

Saturday 9am classes start up tomorrow!

Warm up:  Classic CF WU

3×10 pu, dips, ghd su, hip ext, ohs squats

for a little extra flavor–instead of pu and dips, try rope climbs! work on proper foot hold

Skill:  Snatch 5×5

WOD:  row 1 K for time

9am class:

Warm up : row 500m, 3×10 squats, dips, pu, ext, ghd su

SKill:  dl work

WOD:  2 min k2e, rest 1 min

run 400m, rest 1 min.

2 min kbs, rest 1 min.

run 400m, rest 1 min.

2 min. burpess, rest 1 min.