8/2 “NEW LOCATION” 1588 “N” Street

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First day in the new gym!!!

Mon, Wed, Fri, 9 am class will have a different WOD than other classes.

3,2,1, go

Warm up:  CA warm up

Skill:  Front Squat 5×5

WOD:  5 rds of

amrap kettle bell swings

4 min. rest b/t sets

HOWEVER–to celebrate our new space- during your 4 min. rest complete 24 sit ups, ghd or abmat.

each round do as many kbs as you can possibly handle, pick a weight you can definitely do many of.

9am class:

CA warm up

SKill:  front squat work 10 min.

WOD:  amrap 10 min. 5 burpees, 10 box jumps, 25m lunges

and to celebrate our new space- throw in 24 kbs at  the end of the 10 min.