SATURDAY 12/03/16

Warm Up:
650m Jog
3 Rds Of:
5x Ring Rows
5x Push-Ups
5x Jumping Squats
5x Hanging Knee Raises

A) 3 min AMRAP
Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups

B) In teams of 4: (For Time)
100x Double Unders (each)
100x Thrusters (115/75)
Partner A 400m run (B,C, and D rest)
80x Double Unders (each)
80x Thrusters
Partner B 400m run (A,C,and D rest)
60x Double Unders (each)
60x Thrusters
Partner C 400m run (A,B, and D rest)
40x Double Unders (each)
40x Thrusters
Partner D 400m run (A,B, and C rest)

C) Cool Down
10 min Athlete’s Choice
Foam Roll, Bands, Floss, Etc.