Day: September 3, 2012

Tuesday 9-4


Many of our CFers will be headed to Portland this weekend for the Warrior Dash. With this in mind there will be 2 versions of the WOD posted this week. The first is for those of us NOT going north for the festivities. The second is a tapering schedule to get you ready for the weekend. The posts will look like this…

warm up
2 min jump rope
GHD sit ups
walking lunges

3×3 back squats working to about 70% of our max as warm up

Using 85-90% of your last 1RM back squat do 10 sets of 1, resting 2 minutes between attempts. The goal is to get all 10 reps.

3×3 back squats working to about 50% of your max

Using 60-70% of your last 1RM back squat, do 5×3 resting 3min between attempts. The goal is to make the lift as fast as possible while focusing on form.

Death Stretch 3 min/leg
Calves/Ankles 2 min/leg
Hamstrings- supine with a band, knee to chest, 2 min/leg

Labor Day

1 mile run
100 pull-up’s
200 Push-up’s
300 Squats
1 mile run

If you’ve got a 20lb weight vest or body armor, wear it.  The pull-up’s, push-up’s, and squats can be partitioned any way you like (do not have to be done in order).  The workout must begin with a 1 mile run, and ends with a 1 mile run.  Today you may scale the workout to a quarter, half, or do it as a team of 2.

It is common practice to break up the pull-up’s, push-up’s, and squats “Cindy style”; 20 rounds of 5 pull-up’s, 10 push-up’s, and 15 squats.