Saturday, April 21

WOD: TEAMS OF 3 (relay)
15 wallballs
10 santanasties
15 sit-up’s  w/ ball
15 push-up’s on ball
15 air squats to ball
200m run w/ ball
14 halo’s w/ ball (7 each direction)

AMRAP in 5min: rest 3min
AMRAP in 10min: rest 3min
AMRAP in 10min: rest 3min

One team member rows during each round while the other two team members alternate between each of the movement within the round.
Score is total cal’s and total rounds and reps

1st place: Doug, Ken, Bill: 351cals/6rds+35reps
2nd place: Zach, Andy, Kevin- 320cals/6rds+23reps
3rd: Rick, Mike, Barb – 300cals/5+35reps
4th: Sally, Jovanna, Corrie – 252cals/5+40reps
Class by themselves: Wes and Kendra: 5rds+24reps (2 person team no row)