Day: August 24, 2010

August 25th

Warm up:  row 500m, shoulder prep WU

SKill: Snatch 3×3

WOD:  every minute for 12 minutes

3 hang power snatch

6 back squat

if you cannot start when you are supposed to, rest that minute and resume the next minute

9am class

5 rds

run down and back

15 kbs

10 body rows

CF Endurance wod tonight 7:30, North Middle School track.

CF GP community stuff

This Saturday CF GP bike ride.

30 miles.  And it looks like 7am will be a good time.  Same meeting spot as before.  Gilbert Creek parking lot, by tennis courts.

AND, we are going to plan a rafting/ tahiti trip.  September 11th, Saturday.

Lea is going to set everything up, so txt or call her if you want to go.

I am not posting her number, txt becky and i’ll send you her number.

It’ll be about 2.5-3 hours i believe.  Older children can probably go a long.