Day: July 15, 2010

Friday July 16th

Warm up:

CA warm up


21 Turkish get ups rt. arm

50 kbs

21ohs lt. arm

50 kbs

21 ohs rt. arm

50 kbs

21 turkish get ups lt. arm

The goal of this wod is to use the same weight for the entire time.

Volley Ball/ Paleo Potluck July 23rd

We will meet at the sand volley ball courts in All sport’s park ( reinhart park).

Bring water and a dish to share.

A couple issues–does any one already have volleyballs or do i need to buy a couple..??

I do not think they have grills by the courts.  So, if you want to grill, it’ll have to be portable.

Bring any extra games you want to, for kids to play.

Remember Friday 5:30 class cancelled.  Please come play with us.  And, if you want to bring any one feel free, family, friends, etc..!!