Day: May 2, 2010

Monday May 3, 2010

Skill: Power Clean 3×5

WOD: 200m sprints walking rest 3 min. x6  at 90% effort ( run hard, not to complete exhaustion)

sprint 200 m.  take 3 minutes to walk back to start , then  sprint 200 m. For a total of 6 rounds.  You should have 6 times to post.

you can run on the side walk or street, whichever you like.

Scale if you have an injury: row 350m sprint rest 3 min.  if weather is bad, we will  switch with tomorrow’s wod. if tomorrow’s weather is bad,  sorry!

Jon Hill: May’s Athlete of the Month

Jon is 31 years old and has been an athlete at CrossfitGP since the beginning.

What is your personal/athletic backround?  I am married to supertrainer Christie with a son, Zane, who is 8 weeks old.  I am a Physical Therapist at Siskiyou Physical Therapy with an interest in maximizing human performance and movement.  In high school was an All-American in Greco Roman wrestling.  After high school I had a short stint of wrestling in college then tried lots of fitness things that didn’t really stick, but mostly drank beer.

How did you find Crossfit?  I first found Crossfit from a professor in graduate school at NAU.  I watched a bunch of mainsite videos then did some Crossfit workouts on the back porch, but nothing serious or consistent until meeting Jesse and Katie Elliott.  After that it was just a matter of trying to keep up with Christie.

What’s your favorite WOD? I like anything that seems impossible and challenges my mental toughness (e.g. running a really long distance, lifting something heavy off the ground or a sufferfest metcon).

Favorite Skill:  Low bar Back Squats, High bar BAck Squat followed by Front Squats

What is your advice for someone thinking about starting Crossfit?  Stick with it through the initial soreness and learning and it will change your level of conditioning and strength.

Thanks Jon for sticking with it, for bringing such a consistent positive attitude into the gym.  It is really great to see all your hard work pay off as you so obviously keep improving.  Thanks for being a great motivation for anyone who works out with you!  Keep it up!