THURSDAY 1/24/19

A) 10 Sets, Not For Time:
1x Power Snatch
1x Hang Squat Snatch
3x Overhead Squats
*Increase load across sets and work up to AHAP

B) Tabata
Double Unders

C) 11-minute AMRAP:
2x Power Snatch + 1x OH Squat
2x Devil’s Press (40/20)
4x Power Snatch + 1x OH Squat
4x Devil’s Press
6x Power Snatch + 1x OH Squat
6x Devil’s Press


TUESDAY 1/22/19

A) In 14 Minutes, Establish Your Heaviest Complex Of:
1x Strict Press
2x Push Press
3x Push Jerks
4x Split Jerks
*Rest As needed b/t Complexes

B) 3 Sets, Not For Time:
10x Pendlay Rows
10x Medball Mtn. Climbers
Max Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups

C) 10 min AMRAP:
20x Push Press (45/35)
5x Kipping Pull-Ups
20x Abmat Sit-ups
*rest 1 minute*
100x Double Unders